1. The introduction to cochlear mechanics is based, in part, on the article "Micromechanical models of the cochlea" by Jont B. Allen and Stephen T. Neely in Physics Today (July, 1992).
  2. The image in "ear.jpg" is from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia, which is a product of Proteus Enterprises, Inc. phone: 630-530-0300, fax: 630-530-1123,
  3. The image in "cochlea.jpg" appeared on an advertisement for "betaserc" (a medication for the treatment of Meniere's disease) distributed (circa 1990) by Philips-Duphar. In 1992, according to their web site, "Philips-Duphar" became "proAGRO", a manufacturer of agricultural chemicals. Betaserc now appears to be a product of "Solvay Products" ( It's not clear who (if anyone) now owns the rights to the cochlea image.