Human Research Subjects Database (CORE)




The Human Research Subjects Core maintains a database of volunteers for auditory research comprising of normal-hearing and hearing-imparied children and adults. It provides a centralized pool of research subjects.

HRSCQuery is a powerful tool in the recruitment of human subjects. The program provides access to a large pool of volunteers in CORE database. Eligible volunteers are found using a wide variety of search parameters including age, gender, hearing status as well as a number of audiological test results obtained in routine evaluations.
In addition to helping researchers recruit human subjects, it can also be used to determine the number of potential volunteers for future projects.

Core is for administrative use of CORE database. It provides interface to enter various subject data including hearing status, cochlear implant type. It also helps generate reports based on demographics, participation and feedback among other parameters. As an administrator of CORE database, it helps make new logins to Query and grant users different privilege levels to the database.

GrantDB is an administrative tool used mainly to create new projects and new grants in CORE database. It presents a single interface to create and catalog projects at BTNRH. It displays all research projects (Active, Clinical,Pending,Closed, Not Funded and Completed) and presents their details in one comprehensive window.

ConsentDB is used to track unique subject enrollment for principal investigators with NIH grants and IRB protocols.