Frequently Asked Questions Behavioral Auditory Research Tests (BART)


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How do I ...

  • Modify Def files ?
  • Easiest way to modify Def files is through the Def file editor. Look for Edit Def File icon against def  file name on BART. This will lead you to the interface where you can edit different parameters on def file.
    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to Save the def file once you make changes to it.

  • Change text on Buttons ?
  • Open def file editor then go to "Buttons" tab (Don't know how to bring up def file editor ? see FAQ above). This interface lets you choose different parameters for button like its position (xlocation,ylocation), size(xsize, ysize) along with Text to be displayed on button face, font to be applied to write text. You can also put a picture on button face.

  • Run Calibration ?
  • You may run simple calibration or chirp calibration. For simple calibration look for Run Simple Calibration icon. You may also use top menu, click Calibration and then choose Simple Calibration. For Chirp calibration click Run Chirp Calibration icon. You may also use top menu, click Calibration and then choose Chirp Calibration.

  • Run Paired Comparison?
  • First make sure your Def file is configured correctly to run the paired comparison. Most importantly the Def file should know where all sound files are located. You may set sound file directory by going to  Def file editor and 'Paired Comparison' tab.
    Then click on Run Paired Comparison icon or you may go to top menu, click 'Run Programs' and select 'Paired Comparison'

  • Play sound in one channel only?
  • In all the programs that you run on BART, you may choose which channel (Left, Right or Both) to use for audio output. This setting is done at Def file editor. For eg, if you want to use only Left channel for primary stimuli, go to Def file editor, then choose 'Primary Stimuli' tab and on Textbox labelled 'Ear' write 'Left'. This will tell BART to use Left channel only for Primary Stimuli. Possible values are Left, Right and Both.
    You may choose output channel for Secondary stimuli and Paired Stimuli (for paired comparison) as well.