Auditory Research Soundcard Application Programming Interface: ARSC API


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ARSC DLL Documentation
Last updated: 2005 May 09
The ARSC API has a debugging mode that can be turned on by setting environment variables. Originally this was specific only to ASIO, but new ties have been added to the DLL functions and the windows API.

There are two environment variables. It is recommended that you set these as System Variables rather than for the current user. The environment variables are:

Set this variable to an existing directory, e.g. C:\JUNK\. Debug output files will be written to this directory.

This is a numeric quantity based upon the following bitwise -or- values:

0No debugging
1Textual debug information
2Dumps ASIO channel 0 input and output in 4 byte integer format for plotting.
4Dumps ASIO channel 1 input and output in 4 byte integer format for plotting.
8Dumps ASIO channel switches for plotting.

In general, you will want to set ARSC_DEBUG_FLAGS to 1 to see debugging information or 0 to turn it off. Higher values are for dumping raw ASIO values for the purpose of plotting.