Research Computing Software




ARSC lets you create simple audio programs in a variety of languages and on several platforms. The ARSC API is geared toward audio research applications, but is not limited by such.

PLT is a program for Windows and Linux that creates a plotted graph on various graphical output devices from an ASCII script file.

BART was developed to perform Behavioral Auditory Research Tests using soundcards.

EmAv is a program for measuring and displaying otoacoustic emissions.

AbrAv was developed as a research tool for exploring better ways to obtain (ABR) waveforms.

SysRes plays and simultaneously records up to two channels at rates up 192 kHz and display the recorded stimulus graphically. SysRes was designed for use in synchronous averaging application.

SigPro is a library of signal processing functions.

Specto generates spectrographic displays from digitized acoustic waveforms stored in data files.

WavEd is a waveform editor that allows you to interact with digitized signals.

CSIM (Children's Speech Intelligibility Measure) - was designed to provide an objective measure of single-word intelligibility for children ages 3 to 10 years.

Production is a simple to use program that presents stimuli with or without noise and records responses.

Greg2000 (General data reduction and graphics) is an add-in package to Excel that substantially increases its capability.

SHARP (Situational Hearing Aid Response Profile).