Auditory Research Soundcard Application Programming Interface: ARSC API


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NOTE! These examples have been tested with ARSC_DLL version Some minor changes to the examples may be required for them to work properly with the latest version of ARSC_DLL.

File Details
C calling ARSC DLL A simple example that sends multiple segments to the specified soundcard. View the _README.txt file for details.
C Mixing example calling ARSC DLL This example shows how to use an application transfer function to mix segments together. There is also a function that shows how to build a timer using a polling model.
C# example calling ARSC DLL Two C# examples built into one form. There is a contiguous memory block example and a memory streams example.
C# Mixing example calling ARSC DLL Mixing example using C#. Pay attention to the ar_set_xfer_stdcall() function, delegates, and the callback function pOutputTransfer.

Note: this example uses the ARSC.cs library. This is the same library as used by HAL.
VB.Net example calling ARSC DLL Simple example using VB.NET.
MATLAB example calling ARSC DLL Example using MATLAB's General DLL calling convention. (Output only)
Excel example calling ARSC DLL Example using Excel (VBA)